About Us


Koffer Cases are one-of-a-kind protective phone cases that aim to bring pieces of pinoy youth aesthetics to your phones. We're here to change the game for tech accessories here in the Philippines by bringing you trendy, quality and original phone cases at an affordable price. 


Always dropping your phone? No problem! Koffer cases are made from high quality materials that provide your phones that needed level of protection but less the bulk. Our SleekPac Collection are phone cases made with airpillow, flexible TPU material that's sleek to the hands but can still safeguard your phone, we promise! We also have our ProCush Collection, with shock-proof phone cases made from premium quality acrylic back cover and TPU + TPE/D30 cushion-like bumper to give your phone maximum protection.


Original and hand drawn, we get our inspiration from the latest trends because we believe that your phones should scream "AESTHETIC" all over! Our phone case designs are made with top quality UV print that's tested to be scratch-resistant so no worries!



Hi! I'm Arielle. I started Koffer with a simple goal in mind - I want trendy, original and premium quality phone cases to be accessible to the Philippine market. Fueled also by my love for art and design, Koffer is a platform where I get to showcase my art to the world. I wish for nothing more but for our customers to genuinely enjoy our products <3 Happy shopping!